Danny Cohen

Comedy Writer/Performer in Los Angeles. ABOUT →


Written by Danny Cohen
Directed by Paul Bartunek

The White Policeman’s Fund is a non-non-profit focused on supporting the true victims of recent racially charged police shootings: the still alive policemen.

Support The White Policeman’s Fund by becoming a Justice Ally and donating whatever you can to this grassroots movement.

It is now more important than ever to support The White Policeman’s Fund and to help bring back careers from the dead.


A very divorced man, in an apartment complex full of divorced people, learns who he is when no one wants to be his emergency contact.

Ron – Will Hines
Wendy – Emily Maya Mills
Jason – Joel Spence
Tyler – Ben Rodgers
Paramedic – Feodor Chin
Fred – Jonny Svarzbein
Carl – Pedro Lopez
Bathrobe Dad – Dave Theune
Terri – Diana Fishman
Meditation Voice – Marie Lively

Directed by Ryan Moulton
Written by Danny Cohen & Will Hines
Produced by Marie Lively
Director of Photography Carissa Dorson
Art Director Emily Alpren
Editor Diana Fishman
Co-producers Emily Alpren, Diana Fishman, Will Hines, Emily Maya Mills, Dave Theune

Story by Danny Cohen, Will Hines, Marie Lively
Original Music by Danny Cohen
Sound Mixers Anthony Kozlowski, Jacob Harrold
Assistant Camera Nicola Newton
Gaffer Kendall McCrory
Art Production Assistant Tamar Rubin
Production Assistants Nico Bellame, Chris Bouzane, Alejandro Cardona, Kelly Coughlin, Laurie Magers, Morgan Morris, Marcella Riley
Re-Recording Mixer Ryan David Adams

Special Thanks
Nate Russel, Julie Gomez, Marla Black, Cody Zieglar, UCBComedy, Gabe Dee, Patrick Baker, Neil Casey, Meredith Knesevitch, Joel Spence, Alice Wetterlund, Nate Fernald, Gary Bisig, Andrew Penczner, Jon Orner, Ron Wong, Will Sampson, Keslow Camera

A five episode series starring The Happy Chef Danny Green, who’s always ready to show how to cook easy-to-make meals that are good, fun, healthy, and—most of all—make us happy… all the while his emotionally-brittle life and relationships dissolve around him.

Written by and Starring Danny Cohen
Directed by Jon Mackey
Edited by Diana Fishman
Camera Operators – Will Reese & Clay Larsen

Evan is looking for a place in East Hollywood, and will visit three potential roommates on his quest for a new pad.

Written & Directed by Danny Cohen & Mark Rennie
Featuring Lamar Woods, Will Hines, Ryan Stanger, Olivia Norman, Dave Theune, and Steve Szlaga with the voice of Emily Towers.