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To: Michael
From: Danny

Dearest Michael, in anticipation of our forthcoming adventure to the Former Sandwich Isles, I wish for you to requisition the following goods:

  • Passports for International Travel
  • Matching beach volleyball uniforms (tops and bottoms)
  • Sunglasses that can be slowly lowered on one’s nose to check out “the sights”
  • “Oh Yeah” by Yello playing on a continuous loop
  • White Linen Tuxedos
  • Desharking Salts
  • Stunning white stallions for sunset beach riding.
  • Seaplanes! Seaplanes! Seaplanes!
  • Harpoon Rifle
  • Mirror-nanofabric wetsuits
  • Satellite Phone on Secret Soviet Frequencies
  • Jet ski fuel cells
  • Extra iPod chargers, plz
  • Bail Money (for Jail)
  • Bale Money (for Horses)
  • Decoder Rings
  • Snacks and Sodas (for the Safe House)
  • Snacks and Sodas (for the Safe Horses)
  • A Halliburton briefcase containing $40,000 in each world currency
  • Location of the fifth, and final, Dragon Stone
  • A Sengalese man who believes in warlocks

Gather everything and place in a cargo container for shipment to Sawaiki.